Cargography is an art and science project that is based upon the research of the so-called autocards which nowadays can be found at the windscreens or on other parts of older cars. It started at the beginning of September 2014 and will be presented at the “Schmiede Hallein” 2015 which will take place in the middle of September 2015, so it should be finished by the beginning of this month.


Cargography is a social and cultural science research and art project based upon these autocards, it shows the people engaged in this business and their work. We consider it interesting as research topic because there has´nt been much said about this issue and the people working in it. We are interested in the aspects of globalization, economic and cultural knowledge as well as questions of design, the “autocard-art” and material culture.


Additionally, and as a result of our first contact to the field, we think that the media coverage and as a consequence the public opinion delivers a one-sided picture about the people working within this field. So what we try to do is to put the people, their work, their efforts and their knowledge at the center of our attention to make their voices heard. Therefore our goal is to lend a voice to the people, but also include our own reflections and compose the information we gather. So we will not only carry out interviews with the people in the field but also contextualize what they told us about the economic practice of buying and exporting cars via the autocards. This means gathering some information about the global used car business as a whole, use theories from economic anthropology, material culture studies as well as approaches derived from anthropological globalization theory.


We are planning to publish our findings in a book, mainly based on pictures (if we get the permission), with some texts and the voices of the people in the business. We also set up a website where we want to publish our findings and some passages of interviews, theoretical aspects and pictures as well. Since it is an art project, we will additionally present cargography at the art festival “Schmiede Hallein 2015”, as mentioned above.